Media expert Samvel Martirosyan had a master class at "Ethnic Innovation Regional Center" of "Cross of Armenian Unity" NGO.
The executive director of UITE Karen Vardanyan held a master class at newly opened “ Ethnic Innovation Regional cenrter “ of Cross of Armennian Unity NGO.

Funded by European Union

Program Duration: 4 months (01.06.2016 - 30.09.2016 )

Program location. Armavir Region

Project Duration: 4 months (01.05.2016 - 31.08.2016)

Project location: Chambarak Province, Gegharkunik Region

On May 1 2016 Cross of Armenian Unity NGO has launched the program "The Promotion of Tourism in Province Chambarak, Gegharkunik Region". The program is funded by the Armenian Caritas NGO and supported by "Machanents Tourism and Art" social enterprise.
It is already one month that Cross of Armenian Unity NGO has anounced the "Flowery Window" contest.
Cross of Armenian Unity NGO thanks Mr Charlie Takesian from Chicago, USA for donating another two computers to the Ethnic Regional Innovation Center.
The Regional Ethnic Innovation Center aims at developing regional ethnic infrastructures, creating technical opportunities for the Armavir Region youngsters and supporting the realization of their innovative ideas.
“Arpinet” LLC is the permanent partner and supporter of the center.

“Ethnic Innovation center” of “Cross of Armenian Unity” NGO thanks its supporter Internet Society for donating 3 new computers to the center.

On July 9 a meeting was held at Cross of Armenian Unity NGO with the title " Let the Sun Rise from the Same Place for All Armenians".